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Yet Another New Online Measurement

Google recently announced that they were instituting a “new” metric called “Viewable Impressions” and “Online GRPs”, designed to allow ad buyers to credit only the impressions that are visible to an end user. A lot of people hailed these new metrics, and they quickly gained traction among a lot of brand advertisers.  We also think this is a great step

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The Great Debate

Over the past few months, there’s been a very interesting discussion going on over at LinkedIn’s Advertising Professionals Group.  The topic under discussion is “What do YOU think is the most powerful medium of advertising?” We’ve been watching this topic with great interest, and had some great internal discussions about the types of responses.  So far, there have been 177

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Radio – A Bad Rap?

While in the car earlier this week, I heard a “Most Interesting Man in the World” radio spot for Dos Equis.  You’ve probably heard the spots yourself while driving to or from work.  And you’ve probably chatted with your friends about which of the Most Interesting Man in the World’s claims are the most funny or most outrageous. But the

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Do Social Media and Advertising Need Each Other?

In our continued quest to keep up on the current state of social media, we’ve been following quite a few people and organizations on Twitter that send out a constant stream of interesting little tidbits about social marketing.  There is so much out there these days, it is hard to keep up with it all.  But one tweet passed across

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