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Yet Another New Online Measurement

Google recently announced that they were instituting a “new” metric called “Viewable Impressions” and “Online GRPs”, designed to allow ad buyers to credit only the impressions that are visible to an end user. A lot of people hailed these new metrics, and they quickly gained traction among a lot of brand advertisers.  We also think this is a great step

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A Whole Week of Super Bowl

Of course we all know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday.  Even the 50% of people who aren’t going to be watching the “big game” know of its existence and will be running into issues if they are trying to plan any social events with their friends this weekend that don’t involve football, beer, and chips. The Super Bowl

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How Does SOPA Affect Advertisers?

By now we all know that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) House of Representatives bill, as well as its Senatorial counterpart, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) have been delayed in Congress after a public outcry last week and a “blackout” by sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit, and Google. While many are happy about the bills being delayed (with the

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“Advanced” Online Audience Buying?

  A few months ago, we wrote about the so-called “new” online measurement from Nielsen, which is really just the same old Target Rating Points that “traditional” planners have been using for decades. While planning and buying using TRPs is an important step in helping planners be able to combine and compare ratings across online and offline media, there is

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Fact or Fiction: Advertising That Guarantees Sales Lift

So far, we’ve talked about the future of TV ratings in a blog entry back in April, and new systems being put into place by Nielsen to measure online ratings, about a month ago. One medium we haven’t really discussed in terms of measurement: print media, specifically magazines.  Well, Nielsen is at it again, this time teaming with magazine publisher

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Who Leads Marketing Innovation?

Over at the Center for Media Research, an interesting article was published yesterday regarding the perceptions that marketing directors have of the agencies they have hired, particularly as it relates to marketing innovation.  Obviously, this topic is of great interest to us. The main points of the study, conducted by the Horn Group and Kelton Research, fell into four categories:

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Battle of the Advertising Media

Recently, Mumbrella, an Australian site dedicated to media and marketing, conducted a “Battle of the Media” competition, wherein leaders representing each of the major media types went head-to-head in a debate to prove to a panel of experts why their medium was the best.  The expert panel consisted of ad agency representatives from the biggest agencies in Australia.  While the

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The Great Debate

Over the past few months, there’s been a very interesting discussion going on over at LinkedIn’s Advertising Professionals Group.  The topic under discussion is “What do YOU think is the most powerful medium of advertising?” We’ve been watching this topic with great interest, and had some great internal discussions about the types of responses.  So far, there have been 177

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Back-to-School? Feels Like We Never Left!

 As summer continues in full-swing, we’re starting to hear those three little words that are feared by kids the country over, but usually celebrated by their parents: “Back to school.” Each year, we look at the trends in consumer shopping behavior, as well as the advertising trends by retailers to see what kind of changes we can expect in

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NFL Lockout Aftermath

This past Sunday, nearly 62% of Americans must have breathed a huge sigh of relief after a deal was struck, ending the NFL Lockout.  According to a poll by Harris Interactive from 2010, half of Americans follow professional football, and 62% said that they like professional football. The reasons for the potential lockout were varied and a little confusing on

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