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Back-to-School? Feels Like We Never Left!

 As summer continues in full-swing, we’re starting to hear those three little words that are feared by kids the country over, but usually celebrated by their parents: “Back to school.” Each year, we look at the trends in consumer shopping behavior, as well as the advertising trends by retailers to see what kind of changes we can expect in

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Retail Stores of the Future?

The 54th Annual International Festival of Creativity – the Cannes Lions – was held a few weeks ago at the end of June.  This annual festival celebrates the best creative product around the world, including awards for film, press, outdoor, radio, and PR. One particular winner this year that caught our attention was a retailer in Korea called HomePlus (formerly

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Successful Uses of Facebook Marketing Strategies

While catching up on our advertising news feeds this week, we came across an article on LinkedIn entitled “8 Brands That Have Found Success On Facebook and What We Can Learn.”  Once we got past that incredibly long title, we clicked over the article and found some really good, interesting information on a bunch of different brands that are using

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New Uses for Social Media?

One of the questions many companies and clients have is how they can use social media effectively for their business.  Most clients realize that they should have some sort of social media presence, but the default use of social media usually ends up merely being a means for driving traffic to their company website. While this is one way of

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