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The Future of Television (Part 2)

Last summer we wrote a post about “Exciting News in the World of Television Advertising” and commented on how television advertising will constantly be changing as we move into the future. A few days ago, three totally separate articles about television caught our eye and made us want to revisit the Future of Television Media. First up was an article

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Fact or Fiction: Advertising That Guarantees Sales Lift

So far, we’ve talked about the future of TV ratings in a blog entry back in April, and new systems being put into place by Nielsen to measure online ratings, about a month ago. One medium we haven’t really discussed in terms of measurement: print media, specifically magazines.  Well, Nielsen is at it again, this time teaming with magazine publisher

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The New Online Measurement

Remember almost a year ago when Nielsen announced that they would be unveiling a new online advertising measurement?  This “new” measurement is none other than GRPs (or really, the more accurate “TRPS”, aka “Target Rating Points”), which have been used by media planners for decades to measure pretty much every other media format except online media. Well, Nielsen’s “Online GRPs”

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Exciting News in the World of Television Advertising

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing a lot of interesting articles regarding the current state of television advertising and the direction it’s heading in the future.  Despite what the news media would have us believe, traditional TV advertising is not going away, and, in fact, it’s growing. The top news this week is that the Upfront is in

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The Future of TV Ratings

There was a very interesting article in Ad Age earlier this week about a study conducted to determine what the “sweet spot” is for TV ads airing in different programs. You might wonder why this is important.    Over the past few years, non-digital media has fallen under more and more scrutiny to “prove itself” these days.  Clients are looking for

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