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Yet Another New Online Measurement

Google recently announced that they were instituting a “new” metric called “Viewable Impressions” and “Online GRPs”, designed to allow ad buyers to credit only the impressions that are visible to an end user. A lot of people hailed these new metrics, and they quickly gained traction among a lot of brand advertisers.  We also think this is a great step

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New TV Measurements

Measuring the effectiveness of media, and all marketing, campaigns has over the past few years become the main priority of chief marketing officers.  Being able to report that a particular program generated a positive ROI has much more impact than saying, “Our sales gone up since our marketing program started, but we’re not sure which part of the marketing campaign

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The Future of Television (Part 2)

Last summer we wrote a post about “Exciting News in the World of Television Advertising” and commented on how television advertising will constantly be changing as we move into the future. A few days ago, three totally separate articles about television caught our eye and made us want to revisit the Future of Television Media. First up was an article

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“Advanced” Online Audience Buying?

  A few months ago, we wrote about the so-called “new” online measurement from Nielsen, which is really just the same old Target Rating Points that “traditional” planners have been using for decades. While planning and buying using TRPs is an important step in helping planners be able to combine and compare ratings across online and offline media, there is

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Who Leads Marketing Innovation?

Over at the Center for Media Research, an interesting article was published yesterday regarding the perceptions that marketing directors have of the agencies they have hired, particularly as it relates to marketing innovation.  Obviously, this topic is of great interest to us. The main points of the study, conducted by the Horn Group and Kelton Research, fell into four categories:

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Are Coupons A Dying Industry?

There has been a lot of press lately regarding the dramatic drops in traffic for “daily deal” coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.  As reported by the Atlantic Wire last week, both Facebook and Yelp are pulling back on their ventures into the daily coupon market.  Some smaller niche coupon sites even went out of business.  Experts predict that

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Battle of the Advertising Media

Recently, Mumbrella, an Australian site dedicated to media and marketing, conducted a “Battle of the Media” competition, wherein leaders representing each of the major media types went head-to-head in a debate to prove to a panel of experts why their medium was the best.  The expert panel consisted of ad agency representatives from the biggest agencies in Australia.  While the

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The New Online Measurement

Remember almost a year ago when Nielsen announced that they would be unveiling a new online advertising measurement?  This “new” measurement is none other than GRPs (or really, the more accurate “TRPS”, aka “Target Rating Points”), which have been used by media planners for decades to measure pretty much every other media format except online media. Well, Nielsen’s “Online GRPs”

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Is Google+ Dead Already?

Although we were quite alarmed when we read that apparently every hour of TV you watch may shorten your lifespan by 22 minutes, we decided to move that morbid topic aside for another gloomy one – the death of Google+. A few days ago, Forbes contributor Paul Tassi offered a “eulogy” for Google+, saying “Google Plus is a failure no

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NFL Lockout Aftermath

This past Sunday, nearly 62% of Americans must have breathed a huge sigh of relief after a deal was struck, ending the NFL Lockout.  According to a poll by Harris Interactive from 2010, half of Americans follow professional football, and 62% said that they like professional football. The reasons for the potential lockout were varied and a little confusing on

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